Dance StylesSalsa Dance

Originating in the Caribbean, Salsa was developed from a fusion of African and European dance traditions. It became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, particularly in Cuba and Puerto Rico, where it was often danced in clubs and dance halls. Salsa dancing reached the United States and Europe in the 1970s, where it became a popular social dance and a symbol of Latin American culture.

A Passionate Dance for Couples and Singles

Sensual and intimate, salsa dance is treasured for its emphasis on musicality and partner connection. It is a popular dance style that is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Do you want to learn salsa but don’t have a partner? That is not a problem at all! We will couple you with another solo dancer in class.

Latin Dance Styles

Versatile and adaptive, salsa dance that can be performed to a variety of Latin American music and dance environments. Salsa dancing and its variations feature a basic step which can be diverse with a wide range of footwork and styling. This Latin dance category includes all dance styles that pair to Latino style music with a strong focus on Afro-Cuban beats.

The competition styles of International Latin and American Rhythm differ by the dances and the leg action, but the body rhythm required is very similar in both styles. That is what makes the Latin dances such a great workout for your core muscles!