Dance StylesCountry Western Dancing

Country dancing, also called country western dancing, refers to a wide range of dance styles that originated in the rural areas of the Western and Southwestern United States. Country western dancing is an incredibly popular dance style here in Arizona, so if you’re going to the rodeo or the saloon, make sure you have a few steps ready!

Perfect for Solo Dancers, Groups, and Couples

Country dancing is the perfect dance for anyone who wants to have fun! Country dancing is often performed in a group setting and may involve intricate footwork and partnerwork. It is a popular form of dance at country music festivals and other events.

Country Western Dance
Style Variations

Country dancing can include many different styles, including line dancing, square dancing, and two-step. All variations of country western dance are performed to country western music. This genre of music includes folk music, blue grass, and other subgenres of American country music.

The competition styles of International Latin and American Rhythm differ by the dances and the leg action, but the body rhythm required is very similar in both styles. That is what makes the Latin dances such a great workout for your core muscles!