TheBenefits of Dancing

More Romance for Couples

Ballroom dancing is as romantic as it is enjoyable. Holding, touching, and moving to the music is the most romantic skill any couple can add to their lives. The intimacy dancing lends to a couple is unmatched. Dancing provides a chance for you to express your emotions towards your partner and helps to foster connection.

Plus, dancing can help keep two people together. After years of marriage, new excitement can be found together on the dance floor. It’s a “shot in the arm”. It encourages the spark of romance for stressed out, tension-plagued people. It’s great for keeping a marriage interesting and long lasting. When surveyed, more women said they would prefer a night of dancing to flowers or chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

New Romance for Singles

Dancing is a fantastic way to meet someone special and to also learn an irresistible skill.

A couple of lessons at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio is all you will need to turn your dancing and romantic life around. Just think of all the countless relationships that would have never started without the world’s best ice breaker — “would you like to dance”?

“Ballroom dance is a rigorous activity that uses the larger muscle groups, and is usually done over the course of an hour, or an entire evening,” said George B. Theiss, President of Arthur Murray International. “It’s most frequently compared to ice dancing, and no one would question the athletic ability of an ice skater. Since we work without gliding across ice, it’s possible that a competitive ballroom dancer might even be in better shape than a figure skater.”