Dance StylesBallroom Dancing

The first account of ballroom dance was recorded in Europe by French philosopher Michel de Montaigne. He spoke of a gathering in Germany where couples danced so closely that their noses touched. Unlike anything he had seen before, he was captivated by the movement. Romantic, poised, and mesmerizing.

Today, ballroom dance is a fantastic way to connect with your body, learn a new skill, socialize, and have fun with a partner. Ballroom dancing is the art of moving together as one, with dancers gliding across the floor as a unit.

Ballroom Dance Is
for Everyone

Whether you are a solo dancer without a partner or enjoy taking classes with your spouse, our ballroom dancing classes are for everyone. Ballroom dance is timeless, sophisticated, and is enjoyable to learn.

Ballroom Dance Variations

Ballroom dancing is performed in several different variations, with each different dance having its own unique characteristics and techniques. Although varied, each style shares the same fundamental elemental elements of ballroom dance.

Ballroom dances are smooth and graceful, requiring strong use of the feet and close proximity to your partner. The romantic nature of ballroom dances makes them the most popular for
Weddings and Anniversaries (the waltz in particular).

Trust Arthur Murray to teach you the beats and give you quick feet!