Special OfferYour First
Lesson – On Us

Are you interested in learning how to dance but not sure where to start? Want to try a lesson before committing to a studio? Look no further! Arthur Murray Phoenix offers a free dance lesson to anyone who is interested!

What is the First Lesson Like?

Once in the studio, your instructor will guide you through foundational steps so that you have a basic understanding of the dance. As you continue moving through the lesson, your instructor will assess your abilities and if you enjoy the style of dance you’ve chosen to learn. This allows our experts to give pointers or suggest other dance styles you might like more.

Ready to Book Your Free Lesson?

Upon receiving your information, we will reach out directly to introduce themselves, the classes we offer, and when might be a good time for you to enjoy your first free lesson.

    Learn Foundational Steps in a Single Lesson

    During your initial first lesson, our expert instructors will guide you through basic steps so that you can learn the foundation of the dance you’ve chosen. That means that you’ll know the basics by the time you leave and can add onto what you’ve learned!

    Anyone Can Dance

    No experience? No problem!
    If you can walk, you can dance— and dancing can be easily learned when taught by an Arthur Murray expert. Come with an open mind and a willingness to try something new and let Arthur Murray Phoenix show you the moves.