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Ways Of Reducing Injury When Dancing

Ways Of Reducing Injury When Dancing

Dancing is considered an enjoyable and rewarding activity that offers a wide variety of physical, emotional and psychological health benefits. However, it is important for new as well as experienced dancers to follow a few simple tips in order to reduce the likelihood of injury. For example, it is always a good idea to choose a dance style that is most appropriate to your particular situation. Know your limits and know your body and what you are capable of prior to attempting any particular type of dance.

Variety Of Stretches

Warming up is a key strategy that can greatly reduce the chances of injury when dancing. Always take the time to warm up thoroughly prior to beginning a dance. This should include a variety of stretches as a way to make the body more limber. While dancing you should work to improve posture as well as your dance technique. Maintaining a technically correct series of movements ensures that a dance is done properly and also encourages better posture, balance and muscle control.

Improper Stretching Techniques Can Result In Dancing Related Injuries

Sometimes the best way to learn a dance is to simply sit and watch. In many instances it is possible to learn far more by watching a dance than trying to learn to do a dance in the early stages. In addition, there are a number of risk factors that can contribute to the increased likelihood of injury during dancing. One example of this is poor fitness. Weak muscles along with improper stretching techniques can result in dancing related injuries. Other risk factors commonly associated with dance injuries include poor posture, fatigue, poor-technique, as well as well as overtraining and even a failure to get adequate rest following an injury.

Improved Health Through Improved Range Of Movement

Finally, it is important to consult with your dance instructor anytime you feel that you are having a problem or have experienced some type of injury. The instructor is often able to modify a particular move and help a student learn a variation of a dance as a way to reduce any risk factors. Best of all, this fun and sociable exercise activity offers better health through improved range of movement, increased cardiovascular functionality as well as better balance and healthier posture. Contact Arthur Murray Dance Centers of Phoenix today to learn more about all dance lessons make possible.

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