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Social Dance

Are you ready to join in on all the Fun, and stop hiding on the sideline? Would you like to be able to dance to any music, anywhere, and give any partner the time of their life? At Arthur Murray Dance Studios you don’t need to be a “Dancing Star” to enjoy all the benefits that learning to dance can provide. Whether it’s finding a fun way to exercise, making new friends, or acquiring more grace, poise, and confidence, you can have it all at Arthur Murray Phoenix.

In our social dance classes we focus on all of the popular dances that you find in clubs, parties, weddings, cruises, restaurants, festivals, and any other gathering where music is being played. Some of our students find the most romantic place to dance is their own living room! We focus on the ability to lead and follow, so you can communicate with your partner without saying a word. The combination of private, group, and practice sessions allow you to learn at your own pace in a fun, relaxing environment.

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