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Monthly Archives: March 2014

The Romance Of Ballroom Dance

The Romance Of Ballroom Dance Ballroom dancing has quickly grown in popularity in recent years due to its appeal and enjoyment. Moving to the music is a romantic and enjoyable experience that more people are discovering. It offers a great opportunity for couples to enjoy music and dance in perfect concert. Best of all, ballroom…
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The Social Benefits Of Dance

The Social Benefits Of Dance More people than ever before are looking for ways to increase their social interaction with like-minded people in a fun and interesting environment. One simple and easy way to accomplish this goal is to consider dance lessons and dance classes. Taking dance lessons provides social benefits that are beyond compare…
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Trends in Dancing

Dance Your Way To A More Healthy Lifestyle Dance is an energetic and exciting activity that is both fun and engaging. It offers the unique opportunity to have fun while becoming physically fit. No other physical activity compares in terms of exhilarating excitement that provides aerobic benefits beyond compare. From losing weight to becoming more…
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